“Just sugared for the first time. It was so much better than waxing. I feel like a new women. The staff are excellent and super knowledgeable. I'm absolutely converted!! :-)”

Tracy Eff (posted on Facebook Page)

Welcome to Sei Bella Sugaring Spa! Sei bella is “you are beautiful” in Italian- because we believe every woman was created beautiful in mind, body and spirit. Sei Bella Sugaring Spa's vision is to enhance your own unique beauty and increase your self-esteem while contributing to your well-being.

Sei Bella Sugaring Spa is a boutique spa located in Victoria and Duncan offering body sugaring (sugar paste hair-removal specializing in the best Brazilians), organic pedicures and manicures, EnVogue gel nails, cruelty-free eyelash extensions, spa massage, hot stone massage, reflexology and spray tanning in a comforting, spa-like atmosphere. We also offer the quality child care during your treatments in spa.

At Sei Bella Sugaring Spa, you can expect a beautiful atmosphere with a warm and comforting energy. Every appointment is approached with the intention of blessing you with love, as well as increase your personal beauty and self-esteem.

When you come to Sei Bella you not only improve your own health, beauty and well-being, but you also bless the lives of others! Sei Bella donates 10% to compassionate charities. We currently sponsor 5 children in need through World Vision, and donate to charitable organisations and causes.